“Pop music reclaimed” ~ Trina McDonald, Beatroute Magazine

Marley Daemon Iredale’s songs are about revolution – psychological, social and environmental. Her songs call us home to ourselves, drawing us back into connection with the natural world and the freedom that is available in every moment. As we experience a planetary shift (in ‘climate’ – both inner and outer), many of us grapple more urgently with questions of human identity, our relationship to nature, and what it means to live an authentic life. Sung with emotional and haunting melodies, Marley’s lyrics offer us insight into the human condition, speaking to the most modern concerns of our personal and planetary predicament while retaining a timeless beauty.

Hailing from a secluded little island off the west coast of Canada, Marley was raised without conventional schooling or much influence from mainstream pop culture. Allowed to direct her own life, she spent much of her time connecting with nature – her inner nature and the outer wilderness of her surroundings. She grew up with a deep sensitivity to the suffering of our planet, and a fascination with the human journey and what it means to be alive. She sees the devastation of our environment as a direct result of our modern day disconnection from our bodies (our sensory, feeling life), and in turn each other and the earth.

After graduating from the Victoria Conservatory of Music with a diploma in jazz piano and voice, Marley released her debut album, ‘Heart to Sky’ in 2010 and has spent her time since then touring solo and with her band Dirty Grace throughout Canada, Asia and the Uk, and studying therapeutic clowning, psychology and somatic meditation, which have greatly informed her songwriting.

2016 marked the release of her second solo album ‘Abandon’, which she self-recorded and co-produced with musician and sound engineer Jesse Thom, in her traveling home studio on Mayne Island, Salt Spring and Vancouver. ‘Abandon’ features a wide range of players, elaborate orchestral arrangements, driving rock rhythms and luscious vocal harmonies. Marley performed ‘Abandon’ throughout 2017 with her new band, complete with back up singers, electric bass and drums.

To stream or download the album visit – https://marleydaemon.bandcamp.com/album/abandon

Marley teamed up with her sister and long time collaborator Julia Iredale, artist and illustrator (http://www.juliairedale.com/) to create an art and poetry book to go with the new record. Julia created a series of paintings inspired by each of the 7 songs on “Abandon”, and the book will be released this spring in a tour of art galleries and music venues throughout BC.

Whether playing solo or with her band, Marley’s performances are intimate and heart-stirring. With strikingly honest lyrics and musical flavours ranging from ethereal dark-pop to jazzy R&B and orchestral heart-folk, Daemon serves up a musical feast for the soul.

Marley Daemon’s other musical projects:

Dream Pop duo IRTHhttp://irth.ca

Sassy-swing, heart-folk trio, Dirty Gracehttps://dirtygracemusic.bandcamp.com

8 piece “Swamp Opera” band, The Honey Tongueshttp://honeytongues.ca